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Contracts of Employment

Worried about mistakes in your employment contracts? Do you wonder if there are some extra clauses you could include that might protect you more in the future? Or do you want to change and employee’s contact but don’t know how to proceed? We not only provide an editable contract of employment but also several contract clauses for social media policy, overtime, gross misconduct and employee benefits so you can ensure that everything you need is covered.

Having a contract in place protects the employer and also regulates the employee’s behaviour in the workplace, it also prevents any misunderstanding from occurring further down the line. So get it right from the very start with our Contracts of Employment documents below.

  • Change of Employment Confirmation Letter
  • Checklist - When an Individual is More Likely to be an Independent Contractor
  • Claw Back Contract Letter
  • Confirming Employees’ Right to Work Checklist
  • Confirming Minor Job Description Changes Letter
  • Consultation on the Expiry of Your Fixed-term Contract Letter
  • Contract - Promotion Checklist
  • Contract - Transfer of Undertaking Checklist
  • Contract Clause - Bank Holiday Working
  • Contract Clause - Benefits
  • Contract Clause - Confidential Information Post Employment
  • Contract Clause - Confidentiality
  • Contract Clause - Deductions from Wages
  • Contract Clause - Drugs and Alcohol Testing
  • Contract Clause - Employee Searches
  • Contract Clause - Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Contract Clause - Flexibility
  • Contract Clause - Garden Leave
  • Contract Clause - Gross Misconduct
  • Contract Clause - Mobility
  • Contract Clause - Overtime
  • Contract Clause - Probationary Period
  • Contract Clause - Setting Out the Name of the Company
  • Contract Clause - Sick Pay
  • Contract Clause - Social Media Policy
  • Contract Clauses - Defining the Place of Work
  • Contract Clauses - Restrictive Covenant
  • Contract for Overseas Workers
  • Contract of Employment
  • Contractual Policy Statement
  • Criminal Convictions During Employment Clause
  • Data Breach Risk Reduction Checklist
  • Dismissal and Re-engagement on New Terms Letter
  • Employee has Worked 4 Years on Fixed-term Contracts Letter
  • Employee Refuses Suitable Alternative Employment Letter
  • Employment Law Changes Timetable
  • Entitlements During Probationary Period Contract Clause
  • Expiry of Fixed-term Contract Letter
  • Extending the Probationary Period Letter
  • Fixed-term Contract Expiry Letter
  • Fixed-term Contract Extension Letter
  • Fixed-term Contract Policy
  • Fixed-term Contracts of Employment
  • Immigration Documents Checklist
  • Internet and Email Usage Policy
  • Jury Service Policy Contract Clause
  • Mobility Contract Clause
  • Model Probationary Period Clause
  • Non-employee Status Confirmation Letter
  • Probationary Period Contract Clause
  • Recoupment Agreement
  • Redundancy - Applying for New Jobs Checklist
  • Restrictive Covenant Enforcement Letter
  • Sample Wording for a Notice Clause in an Employment Contract
  • Search Policy
  • Self-Employment Indicators Checklist
  • Settlement Agreements Acas Model Confidentiality Clause
  • Suitable Alternative Employment Not Successful Letter
  • Suitable Alternative Employment Offer Letter
  • Temporary Employment Letter
  • Variation of Contract Checklist
  • Variation of Contract Following Consultation Letter
  • Variation of Contract Letter
  • Zero Hours Agreement
  • Zero Hours Annual Leave Calculator
  • Zero Hours Contract Checklist
  • Zero Hours Contract Policy
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