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38 Checklists for Dismissal, Bullying, Capability, Redundancy and more.

58 Policies for Zero Hours Contracts, Sickness, Flexi-time, Grievance, Maternity, Retirement, Social Media, Harassment, Whistleblowing and many more.

78 Letters for Absence, Disciplinary, Recruitment and Termination.

95 Contracts, Clauses, Forms and Agreements including a Return to Work Interview Form, Capability Procedure, Disciplinary Record Sheet, and more than 60 Job Descriptions.

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Discipline and Grievance

Finally! You can confidently discipline and dismiss employees without losing sleep! Every offence from a member of staff can be an ongoing nightmare. Save yourself a huge amount of time and personal dilemma with our Discipline and Grievance documents. Use the checklists and ready-made templates to conduct a disciplinary hearing, write a warning or begin a dismissal procedure in just a couple of minutes.

Put an end to all that head-scratching on how you should proceed correctly by using our disciplinary policy, written warnings, dismissal letters and responses to appeals, all the while using appropriate wording.

Our professionally and legally-compliant written templates from our HR experts for all kinds of letters will enable you to quickly prepare and protect yourself in all your staff disciplinary procedures including letters for a formal verbal warning, formal written warning, final written warning, dismissal following a series of warnings, dismissal following an act of gross misconduct, employee absence, employee suspension, plus so much more!

  • 7 Steps to Deal With Harassment
  • 8 Steps to a Fair Misconduct Dismissal
  • 8 Steps to Managing Confidential Complaints About Misconduct Checklist
  • 10-step Grievance Procedure Checklist
  • Addressing Ongoing Problems Letter
  • Appeal Meeting Following a Grievance Letter
  • Arranging a Disciplinary Meeting Checklist
  • Asking Tribunal Claimant for Information Letter
  • Assess Whether a Complaint of Misconduct is Reliable
  • Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Bullying Investigation Checklist
  • Bullying Training Line Managers Checklist
  • Capability Procedure
  • Challenging an Employment Tribunal Claim Letter
  • Check for Errors in a Claimant’s ET1 Form
  • Checklist - Make Sure a Decision to Suspend During a Misconduct Investigation is Reasonable
  • Checklist for Justifying Use of Covert Surveillance During Disciplinary Investigations
  • Choice of Representative for a Disciplinary or Grievance Hearing Policy
  • Confirming a Disciplinary Meeting Outcome Letter
  • Defining Misconduct Procedure Clause
  • Demotion Letter
  • Disciplinary Action for Multiple Employees Letter
  • Disciplinary and Dismissals Procedure
  • Disciplinary Hearing Letter - Alternative Manager Hearing
  • Disciplinary Hearing when the Employee is Absent due to Sickness Letter
  • Disciplinary Meeting Non-attendance Letter
  • Disciplinary Process Explanation Checklist
  • Disciplinary Record Sheet
  • Disciplinary Warning Letters
  • Disclosure of Information from Tribunal Letter
  • Dismissal Following a Series of Warnings Letter
  • Dismissal Following an Act of Gross Misconduct Letter
  • Documents to Send with a Disciplinary Letter Checklist
  • Employee Accused of Bringing the Company into Disrepute Letter
  • Employee Accused of Gross Misconduct Letter
  • Employee Bullying Complaint Letter
  • Employee Grievance Raised Letter
  • Employee Not Arrived at Work Letter
  • Employee Response Procedure Clause
  • Employment Tribunal Bundle of Documents Checklist
  • Employment Tribunal Checklist
  • ET3 Statement Seeking Information
  • Final Written Warning Letter
  • Final Written Warning Procedure Clause
  • Formal Verbal Warning Letter
  • Formal Written Warning Letter
  • Grievance Meeting Invitation Letter
  • Grievance Policy
  • Grievance Raised During the Disciplinary Process Letter
  • Gross Misconduct Checklist
  • Harassing an Obese Employee Letter
  • Holding a Disciplinary Meeting Checklist
  • Investigating Harassment Letter
  • Investigation Procedure Clause
  • Investigations Checklist
  • Invitation to a Disciplinary Meeting Checklist
  • Invitation to Disciplinary Meeting Letter
  • Invitation to Investigatory Meeting Letter
  • Managing a Demotion Checklist
  • Managing a Disciplinary Situation Checklist
  • Managing an Appeal Checklist
  • Managing Bullying Checklist
  • Managing Capability Checklist
  • Misconduct Investigations - Make Sure a Decision to Suspend is Reasonable
  • Monitoring Employees Justifying Covert Surveillance at Work Checklist
  • Offensive Employee Behaviour Letter
  • Out of Time Tribunal Claim Letter
  • Persistent Grievances Letter
  • Responding to a Request for an Appeal Meeting Letter
  • Right to Representation Policy
  • Sample Letter Inviting an Employee to a Disciplinary Hearing
  • Sample Letter Inviting an Employee to a Grievance Hearing
  • Sample Result of Appeal Letter
  • Sample Warning Letter
  • Suspension Letter Model
  • Statutory Ban Dismissal Checklist
  • Suspending an Employee Letter
  • Warning Letter Sample Wording for Retention of Expired Warnings
  • Witness List for Disciplinary Investigation Form
  • Witness Questions Following Alleged Assault
  • Witness Statement Template
  • Written Grievance Procedure for a Small Business
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