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Discrimination and Diversity

Paying out a compensation award following a discriminatory case could cripple your business. The highest award ever made for a discrimination case was an eye-watering £4.5 million (Michalak v Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, 2011). Comply with the Equality Act 2010 and foster a positive, non-discriminatory atmosphere in the workplace with carefully-worded policies, procedures and notices to employees. Use these documents and checklists to ensure that nobody inadvertently or intentionally discriminates against an employee or job candidate and understand how you can make reasonable adjustments to avoid disability discrimination.

  • Addressing Discrimination Questions Policy
  • Age Discrimination Factsheet
  • Age-neutral Workplace Discussions Framework
  • Avoid Age-related Claims and Improve Diversity Checklist
  • Avoiding Religion and Belief Discrimination Policy
  • Beliefs in the Workplace Policy
  • Charity Advice Letter
  • Disability Discrimination Factsheet
  • Discrimination Notice for Employees
  • Dress Code Justification Checklist
  • Employee Alleging Discriminatory Treatment Letter
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Equal Pay Comparison for Same Job Checklist
  • Equality Policy on Preventing Third-party Harassment Sample Wording
  • Gender Reassignment Checklist
  • Inappropriate Religious Discussions Letter
  • LGBT Sexual Harassment Prevention Checklist
  • Managing Beliefs in the Workplace Policy
  • Menopause Possible Adjustments Checklist
  • Neurodivergent Employees, Reasonable Adjustments
  • Occupational Health Questions Where You Suspect a Disability
  • Reasonable Adjustments Model Agreement
  • Reasonable Adjustments Checklist
  • Reasonable Adjustment Impact Assessment Checklist
  • Reasonable Adjustments Procedure
  • Recruitment Checklist to Address a Gender Pay Gap in Your Workforce
  • Religion and Belief Discrimination Policy
  • Religious Beliefs in the Workplace Letter
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