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38 Checklists for Dismissal, Bullying, Capability, Redundancy and more.

58 Policies for Zero Hours Contracts, Sickness, Flexi-time, Grievance, Maternity, Retirement, Social Media, Harassment, Whistleblowing and many more.

78 Letters for Absence, Disciplinary, Recruitment and Termination.

95 Contracts, Clauses, Forms and Agreements including a Return to Work Interview Form, Capability Procedure, Disciplinary Record Sheet, and more than 60 Job Descriptions.

HR Documents will help you to save time and be secure in the knowledge that your documents are legally compliant.

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HR Management

As the HR expert in your company it’s your job to advise management and your colleagues on all aspects relating to HR – and that is an enormous task involving hours of hard work and potentially devastating legal pitfalls. One of the key problems you face, is that laws and regulations are constantly changing, and getting it wrong can be very costly. Every last HR issue needs to be covered by a watertight policy document that’s tailored for your company. Every step you take in recruitment and discipline needs to be free from legal error. Our HR Management documents will help you with ALL of the above and includes: an appraisal form, contractor letter, employing an apprentice checklist, reference letter, complaint management letter, plus many more!

  • Advertisement Wording when Seeking Medical Information
  • Agency Worker Job Application Letter
  • Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  • Anti-bribery Policy
  • Appraisal Form
  • Bring Your Own Device to Work Policy
  • Carrying Out Drug Testing - 8 Tips
  • Christmas Party Staff Notice
  • Complaint Management Letter
  • Contractor Letter
  • Copying a Passport to Show the Right to Work Checklist
  • Criminal Records Checks Sample Policy
  • Customer Code of Conduct
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Driving and Mobile Phone Policy
  • Drug Use Policy
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse Early Warning Signs
  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  • Drugs and Alcohol Testing Clause
  • Drugs Testing Policy
  • E-Cigarette Policy
  • Emergency Leave for Dependents Policy
  • Employee Facing Change of Location Letter
  • Employee Not to Work Until a Medical Report is Obtained Letter
  • Employee of the Month Policy
  • Employee Procedure for Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Employee Travelling Abroad Letter
  • Employee Working for Another Company Agreement
  • Employee's Acceptable Use of IT Policy
  • Employee's Doctor Letter Requesting Medical Information Letter
  • Employing an Apprentice Checklist
  • Employment Law Changes Timetable 2020
  • Exaggerating Medical Condition Letter
  • Factual Reference Letter Sample
  • How to Ensure a Job Applicant’s Right-to-work Papers are Valid - Checklist
  • Indicators of Self-Employment Checklist
  • Internet Email Usage Policy
  • Intimate Relationships at Work Checklist
  • Investigation Involving Technology Checklist
  • Job Offer Withdrawal for Medical Reasons Letter
  • Job Applicant Privacy Notice Sample
  • Jury Service Policy Sample
  • Loss of Qualification or Accreditation Letter
  • Managing an Imprisoned Employee Letter
  • Managing Change Checklist
  • Managing Poor Performance Checklist
  • Medical Report Letter: Seeking Permission to Request
  • Migraines - Possible Reasonable Adjustments
  • Model Reasonable Adjustments Agreement
  • Model Workplace CCTV Policy
  • Obesity Management - Notice to Stop Teasing Letter
  • Obesity Management - Permission to Contact Employee's Doctor Letter
  • Occupational Health Referral Consent Form
  • Permission for Medical Advice for a Pregnant Employee Letter
  • Permission to Contact Employee's Doctor Letter
  • Permission to Contact an Employee’s Doctor with Disciplinary Pending Letter
  • Personal Devices Checklist
  • Personal Devices Policy
  • Phased Return to Work Checklist
  • Probationary Period Extension Letter
  • Quality Circle Rules
  • Reference Letter
  • Reinstatement Order Letter
  • Rest Breaks - Compensatory Rest Provisions
  • Rest Breaks - Meet Your Legal Obligations
  • Right to Work Documentation Checklist
  • Risk Assessment Form
  • Sample, Internet, Email and Social Media Use Policy
  • Signs that a Degree Certificate is Genuine Checklist
  • Smoking Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Checklist
  • Social Media Policy Checklist
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Christmas Party Email Sample
  • Stress Management Policy
  • Stretch Targets Letter
  • Suggestion Scheme Rules
  • Surveillance Policy
  • Targets for Achievement Letter
  • Temporary Staff Register Agreement
  • Travel Policy
  • Unacceptable Use of Social Media Letter
  • Unpaid Work Trial Legitimacy Checklist
  • Whistleblowing Policy Sample
  • Whistleblowing Policy Staff Compliance Checklist
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