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38 Checklists for Dismissal, Bullying, Capability, Redundancy and more.

58 Policies for Zero Hours Contracts, Sickness, Flexi-time, Grievance, Maternity, Retirement, Social Media, Harassment, Whistleblowing and many more.

78 Letters for Absence, Disciplinary, Recruitment and Termination.

95 Contracts, Clauses, Forms and Agreements including a Return to Work Interview Form, Capability Procedure, Disciplinary Record Sheet, and more than 60 Job Descriptions.

HR Documents will help you to save time and be secure in the knowledge that your documents are legally compliant.

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Pay and Benefits

With several major changes to employment law affecting statutory pay rates, redundancy pay, the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage, now is the time to ensure you’re up to date with the facts and have the correct policies in place.

Our Pay and Benefits documents include forms, letters and ready-to-print documents to ensure you’re meeting the law on pay and wording your staff communications correctly. Including: an equal pay audit form, a revised contractual arrangement letter, a team-based reward policy.

Plus, handy documents and tools, such as a holiday pay calculator, training costs agreements, overtime, tax-free benefits and the National Minimum Wage.

  • Agreement to Pay Back Training Costs Letter
  • Auto-enrolment Checklist
  • Bonuses Contract Clause
  • Calculating Annual Leave Checklist
  • Clarifying Pay and Travel for Mobile Workers Letter
  • Corporate Credit Card Policy Checklist
  • Deductions of Wages Agreement
  • Difference in Pay Letter
  • Employee Moves NMW Pay Bands Letter
  • Employee Not Entitled to NMW Letter
  • Employee Shareholder Contract Checklist
  • Equal Pay Audit Form
  • Equal Pay Policy
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Guarantee Payments Explanation Letter
  • Holiday Pay Calculation Letter
  • Holiday Pay Calculator
  • Holiday Pay Examples of How to Factor in Commission and Overtime
  • Low-paid Members Under a NPA and High Earners Under a RAS Arrangement Wording
  • Loyalty Benefit Wording
  • Model Deduction from Wages Clauses
  • NMW and NLW Calculation Policy
  • NMW and NLW Disputes Letter
  • NMW Rates Increase Letter
  • On-call at Night NMW Letter
  • Overpayment Reclaiming Checklist
  • Overtime Letter
  • Overtime Policy
  • Pay Club Form
  • Pay Error Letter
  • PENP - How to Calculate
  • Pro-forma for Gender Pay Report
  • Reclaiming an Overpayment Checklist
  • Request for Pay Information Letter
  • Revised Contractual Arrangement Letter
  • Sample Payslip
  • Student Starter Wording Checklist
  • Tax-free Staff Suggestion Awards Checklist
  • Taxable Benefit Charge Calculator for Petrol Cars
  • Team-based Reward Policy
  • Training Costs Agreement
  • Varying a Bonus Scheme Letter
  • Wage Calculation Form
  • Zero-Hours Worker's Holiday Pay Calculation
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